About Cotton Towels

About Cotton Towels

At cottontowels.com we bring you all kinds of information on cotton towels and guide you through our exhaustive collection of cotton towels created for every conceivable purpose. No matter if you are going for a day on the beach, giving your baby a bath, cleaning your furniture, going for a shower or just want to dry your hands, there is nothing as refreshing as fresh cotton towels.

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The function of cotton towels not limited to drying your body and in most urban household one can find them stored in all the corners of the house be it in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Cotton bath towels, cotton face clothes and cotton hand towels are generally stored in the bathroom cabinets. On the other hand a different set of towels is needed for the kitchen. Cotton dish rags in the kitchen not only help us to dry the dishes, pots and pans but are also used for wiping the countertop clean. Moreover one also needs to dry their hands from time to time in the course of cooking. For all these purposes the presence of a number of cotton dishcloths in the kitchen is absolutely essential.

Bathroom show towels, also known as hand towels, are a fixture in the guest bathroom. A few cotton show towels in bright colors not only add a touch of glamour to your bathroom but also provide cleanliness and comfort for your friends and family members. The super soft cotton baby towels available in pastel shades are an absolute essential for the youngest member of your family. And don’t forget about the all important workout towels which are a must have for any fitness enthusiast.

Cotton microfiber towels, which act as gym towels or car towels, are excellent towels for sweat and absorbing water. The next time you head for the beach with your family be sure to carry cotton beach towels in summer colors – classic solids, stripes or characters.

Not sure whether you are looking for pima cotton, Turkish cotton or Egyptian cotton? We have all of the information you need to make your decision.

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