Best Teal Bath Towels

Best Teal Bath Towels

The best teal bath towels available!

We all want the best of everything, including the best teal bath towels (if indeed teal is your color of choice!). Color may be the #1 variable to consider, but it’s far from the ONLY variable you need to be concerned with. This quick buying guide should give you what you need to do the job right.

The best teal bath towels – how to choose?

Your towel choice is going to come down to a simple formula. Success = color + material + GSM rating. Since you’ve already checked the box on color, allow us to give you a hand in selecting the perfect towel material and GSM rating to get you just the right final product.

Choosing a Towel Material

The world of towel materials is bigger than simply cotton or non-cotton (polyester, nylon, etc.). You’ve actually got 3 cotton types to think about (Turkish, Egyptian, and Pima / Supima) plus microfiber as an option. Oh yea, and the cotton selections also all come in ‘organic’ flavor if supporting sustainable farming and manufacturing is important to you. To help navigate this decision we’ve put together the handy-dandy table below with length to detailed articles on each option if you’d like to learn more.

The 5 Towel Materials & How to Choose



Dry Time


Learn More

Turkish Cotton



Egyptian Cotton



Pima Cotton






Organic Cotton



Making a GSM Selection

GSM (grams per square meter) is the often overlooked but highly underrated towels selection criteria that opens the door to better buying decisions. The general gist is the higher the GSM (on a scale of 300 – 900), the more dense the material and thus the more luxurious feeling the towels will be.

Now before you go nuts and demand only 900 GSM towels everywhere you go, keep in mind that the denser the material gets the more water it can hold and therefore the longer the drying time becomes. When you’re visiting a spa and this is someone else’s problem 900 GSM is a no-brainer. For everyday use when you’ve got to manage loads of laundry, a GSM closer to 600 is a good target. 

The chart below should give you the big picture and help you on your journey.

GSM Selector for Towels

GSM Rating


Dry Time

Best For

300-400 GSM



gym, kitchen, car

400-600 GSM



beach, powder rm, hand towels

600-900 GSM



shower, bath, spa, luxury hotel

Make Your Towel Selection!

Teal is your towel color. You’ve selected a towel material and target GTM. All that’s left is making a purchase. Because taste is so variable, we’re not going to make a specific recommendation other than you should consider some of the bestsellers we have listed below.

[amazon bestseller=”teal bath towels” template=”list” items=”5″]

Want to learn more?

Interested in becoming a bath towel aficionado? We’ve got you covered with dozens of bath towels articles here.

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