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Choosing the best bath towels…

When it comes to choosing the best bath towels there’s more to it than most people think! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know and get help choosing a path to successful towel buying.

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What you need to know when shopping for the best bath towels

When shopping for the best bath towels the starting point is to understand the various types of cotton bath towels on the market, what makes each type unique, and how the cotton type can help you in your buying decision. Here’s a list of the towel types you will likely run across:

While the origins of Turkish and Egyptian cotton speak for themselves, it’s worth noting that Pima cotton comes from plants grown the Southwestern United States. It’s also worth noting that these Pima plants are actually Egyptian cotton plants grown in U.S. soil. While Egyptian cotton purists would claim the far superiority of Egyptian cotton over Pima cotton, the debate remains unsettled.

Supima is simply a label on Pima cotton products that guarantees the towel buyer that they are buying a 100% pure Pima cotton product. In other words, when shopping for 100% Pima cotton towels, only buy those with the Supima stamp in order to guarantee your purchase won’t contain any polyester or nylon blended into the cotton.

Speaking of polyester and nylon, microfiber towels are made with fine strands of these materials all over the world. While microfiber towels have many uses where they are clearly the very best choice, rubbing these synthetic fibers on the skin can leave something to be desired.

Organic cotton is not a type of cotton at all. Rather, organic cotton is Turkish, Egyptian, or Pima cotton grown in a sustainable manner anywhere in the world.

Selecting the best bath towels…

Stick around for a while! We have dozens and dozens of articles to help you make the perfect choice. Enjoy!

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