Best Pink Bath Towels

Best Pink Bath Towels

Hunting for the best pink bath towels

Hunting the best pink bath towels take a bit more thought than you might imagine. We’re here to help.

​How to hunt the best pink bath towels

Any form of hunting requires a strategy if you’re going to be successful. Hunting bath towels is no different. Here’s the plan:

First: Decide on your color. Pink. Check!
Second: Make a decision about towel material. Cotton? Microfiber? (more below)
Third: Decide on grams per square meter (GSM) of material (more below)

Decision Time… Towel Material

Of course you want 100% cotton. Oh, wait, what about a cotton/polyester blend for durability. Oh, and don’t overlook microfiber towels – they’re coming on strong.

There is a lot to consider no doubt. Rather than spoon feed you with a simple recommendation that just won’t make sense for every situation, we’ve decided to err on the side of education with the material selection chart below. If you want to dive deeper on any of the material options use the learn more links to, well, learn more.

The 5 Towel Materials & How to Choose



Dry Time


Learn More

Turkish Cotton



Egyptian Cotton



Pima Cotton






Organic Cotton



Decision Time… GSM

GSM is a mystery to most. Sure, it sounds impressive to tell the sales clerk you’re only willing to consider towels with a GSM of 600+, but what does it mean? Simply speaking, GSM stands for grams per square meter. The bigger the number the more grams per square meter and therefore the more densely packed the towel is with material. And the more material you have, the thicker the towel is. We generally equate thickness to quality so stay at the high end of the GSM chart (it tops out at 900 GSM) if quality is your chief concern. 

GSM Selector for Towels

GSM Rating


Dry Time

Best For

300-400 GSM



gym, kitchen, car

400-600 GSM



beach, powder rm, hand towels

600-900 GSM



shower, bath, spa, luxury hotel

Decision Time… Make your Towel Pick!

All you need to do now is put it all together. Color + Material + GSM and the formula is complete.

As much as we’d like to be able to do the picking for your and provide 1 perfect recommendation, given the number of possible combinations within the formula we believe it best that we show you some possibilities below and step aside. Happy hunting!

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Want to learn more?

Interested in becoming a bath towel aficionado? We’ve got you covered with dozens of bath towels articles here.

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