Best White Bath Towels

‚ÄčThe best white bath towels anywhere!

When we're considering replacing or upgrading our towels with fresh, new white ones, we're only going to be happy if we wind up with the best white bath towels on the planet.

Ok, but how do we define 'best'? Are we looking for the best feel, best durability, best absorption, best drying time, or something else all together?

Choosing the best white bath towels

Yes, there are a ton of choices available when you're looking for the best white bath towels. Before you just dive in and pick one because it looks nice or feels nice when you're standing in the aisle at Macy's, arm yourself by filtering your possible choices down to a specific material and GSM (more on both below).

Towel Material Selection

There are 5 materials you need to consider while on your quest: Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, Pima / Supima cotton, Microfiber, and Organic cotton. Not all materials are created equally and not all of them will do the job the way you want it to be done. As such, it would benefit you to do a deep dive on each material using the 'Learn More' links in the table below. At the very least, spend a few moments reviewing the table and selecting your go-to towel material before going any further. 

The 5 Towel Materials & How to Choose



Dry Time


Learn More

Turkish Cotton



Egyptian Cotton



Pima Cotton






Organic Cotton



GSM Selection

GSM stands for grams per square meter. It's a measurement of the density of a material. When it comes to towels; the higher the GSM the more plush or luxurious the end product will feel. Of course, life is about trade-offs. Yes, high GSM towels feel AMAZING, which is why you love the towels at spas and luxury hotels. However, they can (do!) take forever to dry and may wind up smelling musty or mildewy. Below is a guide to help with your GSM selection. Note that the range will give you the thickness you want (light, medium, or heavy). Staying in the lower end of the range will help control drying time.

GSM Selector for Towels

GSM Rating


Dry Time

Best For

300-400 GSM



gym, kitchen, car

400-600 GSM



beach, powder rm, hand towels

600-900 GSM



shower, bath, spa, luxury hotel

Time to Pick!

We're guessing based on the above information that you've dialed in your material of choice and your GSM of choice. Now you just need to find a white bath towel that matches. Because there are so many possible combinations we think it best to simply point you in the direction of some online bestsellers below and let you take it from here. Good luck!

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