Types of Kids Beach Towels

Types of Kids Beach Towels

The Cuteness of Kids Beach Towels

How do you make cute kids even more cute next time you make a trip to the ocean – wrap them in kids beach towels. Of course you might think that sounds so simple. But when you start shopping for kids beach towels before your next vacation you’ll find that the selections are a bit more than you bargained for. Gone are the days of on-size-fits all and you’re not likely to find that the beach towels you received as a wedding gift are overly exciting to your young children. Sure, in the long run they’ll all soak up the water and get the job done, but you might pause just a sec before you go too far to think through a myriad of choices.

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Types of Kids Beach Towels

Classis Solid or Striped

solid kids beach towels

The classic solid or striped kids beach towel goes a long way towards both getting the drying off job done and pleasing the camera.

Character Beach Towels

character beach towels

While not quite as friendly to the camera, character-inspired beach towels are kid favorites and make memories. Rarely does an older kid say, “Mom, remember that yellow beach towel I used to love?” However, the princess beach towel may be one you’ll be talking about years from now.

Hooded Beach Towels

hooded beach towels

A new favorite of kids and moms alike are hooded beach towels. These come in solids, stripes, with characters on them and/or allow you kids to become the characters themselves. Many of the hoods have cute ears to create mice, rabbits, dogs, monkeys and all kinds of other cute animals. Some even come complete with a tail. The hood serves to both dry hair and shield the sun when your child has had enough.

Kids Beach Towels Conclusion

If you like following the trends you can’t go wrong with a cute hooded beach towel for your child. If you’re looking to capture classic photos of your kids while on the beach you should heavily consider the classic solid or striped variety. If you’re looking for something sure to please the little one you can’t go wrong with a favorite character when buying your next kids beach towels.

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