Cotton Towels

We’re all about Cotton Towels!

Whether it’s stepping out of the shower or bath, drying the dishes, cleaning countertops, drying our hands, caring for a baby or going to the beach, there are few comforts in the world like fresh cotton towels.

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Cotton Towels

Today it’s not uncommon to find cotton towels spread throughout the home. In the bathroom we find cotton bath towels, cotton wash cloths (aka face cloths) and cotton hand towels (ask show towels). In the kitchen cotton wash cloths (aka dish rags or dishcloths) help us clean our pots and pans and plates as well as wipe down our counters and tables. To finish the job, cotton kitchen towels (aka cotton dish towels) allow us to dry our kitchen wares and surfaces and, of course, our hands.

Cotton hand towels (aka show towels) are a fixture in the guest bathroom, providing comfort and cleanliness for our family and visitors alike. Of course we love cotton baby towels, cotton beach towels and cotton microfiber towels, which never disappoint in terms of feel or function.

Celebrate only the best cotton towels!

Here at we celebrate every kind of towel that is made from cotton and believe that you have the right to know what to look for when shopping for cotton towels, how to care for your cotton towels and so on.

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The best of cotton towels for you…

We appreciate your visit to and invite you to enjoy getting educated on the broad world of towels today. From Pima Cotton to Egyptian Cotton to Turkish Cotton we discuss it all and make recommendations for you – be that for bath towels, beach towels, kids towels, kitchen towels or a myriad of other options. We even dive into the world of GSM ratings, what they mean and how you can use this tool to wisely shop for towels, and impress those around you with your towel buying prowess.

Enjoy the “Ahhh” of fresh cotton towels today!

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Types of Cotton Towels and Which One is Best

Which type of cotton towels is the better choice: Pima, Egyptian, or Turkish?

Buying bath towels can be a difficult process if you are unsure of exactly what you want, or even if you are unsure of what to look for that is the best. There are plenty types of cotton towels on the market these days that are enough to confuse even the savviest shopper. One of the most popular questions that people have is which cotton is the better choice to buy, Pima, Egyptian, or Turkish? And is there a different at all, or are they all on the same level of quality? Let’s take a look at each of these cottons and see if there really is a superior choice in the end.

Types of Cotton Towels

Pima cotton is American in origin but now grows in parts of Australia and Peru. It is basically another name for extra-long staple (ELS) cotton and this has to do with the length of the cotton that is being produced. It is still one of the most common cotton towels sold in the United States since US manufacturers do not need to import any of the cotton to manufacture them. Unfortunately some towels that are labeled as “Pima” are not true. For the top quality towels, you should look for them to be labeled “Supima”, which is the trademarked brand you can trust.

Turkish cotton is grown in Turkey, mainly in the Aegean area. This cotton is famous for being super absorbent, soft, and has long fibers. This is great in towels because that is everything that you want a great towel to have. Like Pima cotton, you much make sure that it is labeled as 100% Turkish cotton because many manufacturers like to dupe people on the full content by blending high end Turkish cotton with less desirable cottons or non-cotton materials like polyester.

As expected, Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt, and it is well renowned for having some of the softest sheets available, but is it good for towels? The short answer is probably not. This cotton is extremely absorbent which means that if you live in humid climates, it is not a good choice to buy because it tends to keep things wet for longer. They can develop a bit of mildew in some cases.

Between the three of them, Pima cotton and Turkish cotton seem to be the better cottons for towels. They are absorbent, but not overly so, and they will be soft enough for you to not be disturbed when drying your body. While Egyptian cotton may be soft, it works best for bed sheets, not bath towels. Now that the differences have been pointed out between these three types of cotton, it should make it easier for you to shop for your next group of bath towels.



Workout Towels

Workout Towels Keep You Working

In this article we are going to focus on workout towels which is a must have for any fitness enthusiast. Generally speaking you’re going to want to think “microfiber”. The cotton microfiber towels which act as gym towels are excellent towels for sweat and its superb feel and functionality would never disappoint the users. The superior quality cotton towels for workout are extremely strong and durable. Moreover the super absorbing capacity of these fitness towels would keep you body dry so that you can concentrate on your workout. Microfiber towels can even double up as yoga towel in a pinch. The next time you head for the gym or go for a run be sure to carry some of the finest cotton gym towels in summer colors. No matter if you are looking for a classic solid color, stripes or even characters the options in front of you are practically endless.

Why do we suggest cotton microfiber workout towels?

  • Your workout towel would come with more than 300,000 microfibers per square inch which are capable of retaining over 7 times their own weight in liquid.
  • Being highly absorbent and extremely light they are perfect for a day at the gym.
  • Made out of natural cotton it would not only dry you up but would also remain free of odor.
  • Being extremely light weight they would easily fit inside your gym kit.
  • Its high absorbency power makes sure that all traces of sweat is wiped out from your body.
  • Available in a wide range of color and design they have been specially created for physical activities like yoga, workout or sports.
  • You need not wash your towel frequently since you can just as well reuse your towel after sun drying.

Keep in mind that gym towels can be an excellent Christmas gift or wedding gift for your fitness loving friend. You can be rest assured that your cotton workout towel would do what it does best – keep you fresh and dry. Not interested in fitness towels? Check out our recommendation for cotton bath towels here.

Cotton Towel Snobs… Here It Is…

Our #1 Cotton Towel Buying Recommendation!

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Why do we love these towels?

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • 725 GSM Rating
  • Over 2300 Reviews
  • 4/5 Stars
  • 10 Color Choices
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  • Great price… 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 wash cloths of this quality for this price – WOW!

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A couple sample reviews:

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Cotton Towel Snobs Look No Further

To find guaranteed bliss with your next online cotton towel purchase you need to be sure those towels meet the following STRICT standards

TYPE: 100% Egyptian, Turkish American Pima (look for Supima trademark), or African Cotton
GSM (grams per square meter): 600 to 900
ONLINE REVIEWS: Minimum of 40
RATING: 4+ stars

Our methodology for defining the standards are below.



TYPE: For most of us the cotton origin (Egypt, Turkey, America or Africa) is not of great concern. What really moved the needle for true towel lovers is that they are 100% cotton.  BOTTOM LINE: If they are not 100% cotton, move on.

GSM (grams per square meter): As you can see in the chart below, targeting a GSM Rating in the 600 – 900 range will deliver towels that are thick, heavy weight and absorbent. The closer you get to a GSM of 900 the more luxurious and spa or hotel like the towel will feel.

[pillow_box width=”100%” pagecurl=”off”]

GSM Reference Chart

[black_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • 300-400 GSM (light, thin) : gym, kitchen and car 
  • 400-600 GSM (medium weight & thickness) : beach, powder rm, hand towels
  • 600-900 GSM (heavy, thick, ultra absorbency) : shower, bath, spa, hotel

buying cotton towels gsm rating



ONLINE REVIEWS: Over the years of studying consumer buying patterns it has been our long experience that, generally speaking, only about 1 in 10 customers who make a purchase will write a review. So, if a product has at least 40 reviews we can guess there have been at least 400 purchases – a statistically significant number.

RATING: We’ve also discovered that people generally only go to the trouble to review a product if indeed they are either incredibly pleased with the product or incredibly disappointed – those with no strong feeling one way or the other tend to not bother with writing reviews. To that end, products that have 40+ customer reviews with average ratings of 4+ stars are almost always big winners and, therefore, you can believe that they will be a big hit with you as well.


As you read through our site you’ll find lots of information on a variety of different types of cotton, GSM ratings, towel sizes and and much more. Putting that all together to make the perfect purchase is easier said than done. To that end, we want to make the buying process EASY by directing you to OUR #1 RECOMMENDED TOWEL, easily purchased on – the #1 online seller in the world.

Here at we bring you only the best of the best cotton towel products as rated by those who have bought and tested those towels. With this process we have eliminated any bias towards particular brands or manufacturers or advertising dollar influence, and simply present to you cotton towel options that have a combination of a large number of customer reviews (40+) and and average rating of 4+ stars. Enjoy!

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Pima Cotton or Turkish Cotton?

Should You Be Shopping for Pima Cotton or Turkish Cotton?

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When you’re considering a cotton towel purchase there is a pretty decent chance that, after settling on a GSM rating, you’re going to narrow your choice down to Pima Cotton or Turkish Cotton. If you’ve made it this far you’ve done well to pick from two good choices. That said, you still have a choice to make. Here’s a little guidance…

Pima Cotton or Turkish Cotton : First A Little Education

Pima Cotton could just as well be called “American Cotton” as the name has it’s roots, literally, in American soil. The name Pima Cotton pays homage to the Pima Indians who, in the early 1900s, helped raise cotton on USDA experimental farms in Arizona. However, not all Pima cotton is grown in the US, and not all cotton grown in the US is Pima Cotton.

Pima Cotton or turkish Cotton : What makes Pima Cotton Special?

Only about 3% of the cotton grown in the US is Pima cotton. It is distinguished over the more abundant and lesser quality “upland cotton” by it’s superior length, strength and fineness. Quite simply, it’s the best cotton available in the USA and makes the best American made cotton towels. But buyer beware, just because the towel says “Pima Cotton” doesn’t mean you’re getting what you want…

Pima Cotton or Turkish Cotton : Pima Cotton vs Supima Cotton

When considering Pima Cotton towels you must be careful, particularly if you’re looking for a 100% American cotton towel, you need to read the label carefully and look for the phrase “100% Supima Cotton”.  A towel can claim to be a Pima Cotton towel yet not be 100% Pima Cotton (think of a blended towel of 50% Pima Cotton and 50% lesser quality upland cotton). Note that this towel could be marketed as “100% cotton” but not be a 100% Pima Cotton towel and therefore be inferior in quality.

To help consumers avoid this pitfall consumers need to shop for the trademarked Supima Cotton towels. When buying Supima Cotton towels you can be guaranteed that you are buying 100% American Pima cotton.

Pima Cotton or Turkish Cotton : What makes Turkish Cotton Special?

Now that we know a bit more about Pima Cotton (and know to shop for “Supima Cotton” only if we want a high quality 100% American made product), lets consider what makes Turkish Cotton a worthy opponent. Here goes…

As you can imagine, Turkish Cotton is grown in Turkey. Specifically it is grown in the Aegean part of the country. Turkish Cotton has gained favor due to its long fibers, high absorbency and soft touch. Similar to buying Pima or Supima Cotton towels the buyer need to be shopping for “100% Turkish Cotton” towels.

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So How Do You Choose Between Pima Cotton or Turkish Cotton?

While it’s pretty tough to go wrong with either choice the fact of the matter remains that you do need to pick one or the other. To play that game you’ve got two options:

  1. DECIDE 1980s STYLE: Get in the car and drive to your nearest department store and rub your hands and face on both. You’ll feel the difference, maybe, but more likely your decision will be made by available color or pattern choices than anything else.
  2. DECIDE WEB STYLE: One of the greatest strengths of the internet is to be able to quickly aggregate the buying experiences of hundreds of people in a matter of seconds. Imagine, for example, standing in the towel section at Macy’s with 300 people who not only recently bought Supima Cotton towels or Turkish Cotton towels but have used them a few times and have a real world experience with them. Now imagine that you can instantly poll them with a simple question, “Which one would you recommend?” In this day and age that isn’t a pipe dream. As a matter of fact, there is an easy and fast way to make your decision.
  • Simply go to and search for your desired products.
  • Look for products that have AT LEAST 4 STARS and AT LEAST 30 ratings (the small number in parenthesis next to the stars) something like this: [an average 4 star rating from 36 total reviews] and have the Amazon Prime logo next to the price like this  [’cause that means if you’re a Prime member you get free shipping and even if you are not a Prime member it means the product is in stock in the Amazon warehouse and will ship very quickly and arrive in no time – and if there is a problem the return will be a breeze]

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Consensus is that about 1 in 10 Amazon buyers writes a review. If that’s the case, a product with 30 reviews would have at least 300 total buyers. And since it’s human nature to go out of the way to provide negative reviews, if you find that 30 out of the 300 buyers that wrote a review went out of their way to say something very nice about the product (4 or more stars) they probably REALLY liked it and so will you.

Here are couple specific recommendations that meet all of our criteria for both Supima Cotton towels (100% Pima Cotton) and 100% Turkish Cotton towels.

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The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong by selecting Pima Cotton or Turkish Cotton if you follow this simple guide and stick with the rule of thumb that the crowd is right and will show you the way.

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Childrens Beach Towels

Childrens Beach Towels – Cute Just Got Cute-er

Every child has memories of coming out of the ocean or the pool and being wrapped in the warm embrace of their favorite beach towel by mom or dad. The feeling of being wrapped in childrens beach towels is one part hug and one part “ahhh”.

When it comes to childrens beach towels there are several different cotton towel types to choose from: classic solid beach towels, classic striped beach towels, character beach towels, and hooded beach towels. Keep reading to see some examples of our favorites. Also, see this article on our site for more in-depth information on each.

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Childrens Beach Towels – The Cutest of the Cute

As promised, here are some of our favorite childrens beach towels.

Classic Solid Childrens Beach Towels

Classic Solid Childrens Beach Towel

Who doesn’t love the simplicity of a bold solid color? Every kids has a favorite, or two, and there is a solid colored beach towel for just about any demand imaginable.

Classic Striped Beach Towels

Striped Childrens Beach Towels

There may be no better way to say summer at the beach than with a striped beach towel. A collection of various colors as seen in the image above makes it easy for the kids to keep track of which beach towel belongs to them… and keeps sibling arguments to a minimum.

Character Beach Towels

Character Beach Towel

Character beach towels certainly do put smiles on the faces children everywhere. Take just about any movie or cartoon character you can think of and there is probably a beach towel waiting to be snuggled.

Hooded Beach Towels

Hooded Beach Towels

Perhaps the cutest of the cute childrens beach towels come in the form of hooded beach towels. From frogs to fish to sharks to monkeys there a virtually a limitless array of choices available. Of course, boys will be boys and girls will be girls, so be careful trying to talk your 5 year old young man into wrapping up in a ladybug hooded towel!

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Types of Kids Beach Towels

The Cuteness of Kids Beach Towels

How do you make cute kids even more cute next time you make a trip to the ocean – wrap them in kids beach towels. Of course you might think that sounds so simple. But when you start shopping for kids beach towels before your next vacation you’ll find that the selections are a bit more than you bargained for. Gone are the days of on-size-fits all and you’re not likely to find that the beach towels you received as a wedding gift are overly exciting to your young children. Sure, in the long run they’ll all soak up the water and get the job done, but you might pause just a sec before you go too far to think through a myriad of choices.

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Types of Kids Beach Towels

Classis Solid or Striped

solid kids beach towels

The classic solid or striped kids beach towel goes a long way towards both getting the drying off job done and pleasing the camera.

Character Beach Towels

character beach towels

While not quite as friendly to the camera, character-inspired beach towels are kid favorites and make memories. Rarely does an older kid say, “Mom, remember that yellow beach towel I used to love?” However, the princess beach towel may be one you’ll be talking about years from now.

Hooded Beach Towels

hooded beach towels

A new favorite of kids and moms alike are hooded beach towels. These come in solids, stripes, with characters on them and/or allow you kids to become the characters themselves. Many of the hoods have cute ears to create mice, rabbits, dogs, monkeys and all kinds of other cute animals. Some even come complete with a tail. The hood serves to both dry hair and shield the sun when your child has had enough.

Kids Beach Towels Conclusion

If you like following the trends you can’t go wrong with a cute hooded beach towel for your child. If you’re looking to capture classic photos of your kids while on the beach you should heavily consider the classic solid or striped variety. If you’re looking for something sure to please the little one you can’t go wrong with a favorite character when buying your next kids beach towels.

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Free Infographic: Am I Drinking Enough Water?

For years we’ve been told that proper hydration requires that we drink 8, 8oz glasses of water a day. However, as you’ll see in following infographic, scientific research in 2013 has pointed to a much easier and much more accurate way to measure whether or not you’re consuming enough H20.

You can use this infographic on your site if you follow the instructions below.

Am I Drinking Enough Water?



Am I Drinking Enough Water FB

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Beach Towels

beach towels

All About Beach Towels

Nothing says fun quite like breaking out the beach towels. Whether you’ve grabbed your beach towel for the pool, the beach, the lake, the river or just the back yard it goes hand in hand with relaxing in the sun.

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The Best Beach Towels

Like all cotton towels, the best towels for the beach are luxurious. Even though you’re probably going to be looking for cheap beach towels on sale, don’t forget that even when it comes to towels for the beach you’re going to get what you pay for and therefore need to follow our towel buying secrets.

Buying Luxury Beach Towels vs Luxury Bath Towels

For both luxury beach towels and luxury bath towels you want to start with 100% Egyptian Cotton, 100% Pima Cotton (aka Supima), or 100% Turkish Cotton. Now here’s where the difference shows up. Spa quality cotton bath towels should have a GSM (grams per square meter of cotton) of 600 – 900, while spa quality beach towels are going to have a GSM more along the lines of 400 – 600.

A GSM of 900 is amazing when you get out of the bath but a bit bulky and heavy to drag with you to the beach, pool or boat. Keep in mind that a GSM from 300 – 400 is going to be ultra thin and relatively non-absorbent so you want to be sure and stay away from those. Our GSM chart on this post is a very useful guide.

What about beach towels for kids?

When shopping for kids beach towels you should follow the buying guides jut mentioned above. Be wary to not get suckered into buying a kids beach towel just because of the character on the towel. Having a popular cartoon or movie-themed towel typically means the towel is VERY low quality and the manufacturer is simply hoping you’ll make the purchase because of the smile it will put on your child’s face when they SEE the towel vs the disappointment they will have when the FEEL their beach towels for the first time.

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Cotton Dish Cloths

All About Cotton Dish Cloths (aka dishcloths or dish rags) 

cotton dish cloths

Cotton dish cloths are used around the world with the simple purpose of cleaning kitchen surfaces.

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What are cotton dish cloths made of?

Cotton of course, but more specifically standard length cotton or microfiber. They measure  11″ to 13″ square but as you’ll see in this article 13″ square is the most widely recognized standard.

How are cotton dish cloths both soft and durable?

While typically soft to the touch, dish cloths are made to be both durable enough and abrasive enough to scrub tough kitchen messes without disintegrating. Manufacturers have spent years and years perfecting the balance between soft and tough and, generally speaking, they now have it nailed.  Just another reason to love cotton!

Should you be concerned about the sanitary nature of dishcloths or dish rags?

Scientists are quick to point out that a used dishcloth may become a breeding ground for bacteria and/or viruses; specifically salmonella and E. coli. While studies have found that putting dishcloths in the microwave for 2 minutes kills 99% of the living pathogens, due to the fact that this is a fire hazard, the best recommendation is to use one per meal and then wash them in a washing machine in very hot water and anti-bacterial laundry detergent.

Dishcloths or Sponges?

There has been a never ending debate on the sanitary nature of the dish rag vs the sponge. Recent scientific studies indicate that neither one is better than the other when it comes to sanitation. The key is not the material itself, but the owner’s diligence in caring for the material. As mentioned above, the dish rag is most safely disinfected in the washing machine. Sponges are most easily disinfected by running them through the dishwasher – mo muss, no fuss.

Whichever material you use, be that cotton dish cloths or sponges, your very best bet is to sanitize them on a VERY regular basis lest you find yourself simply pushing germs an bacteria from one part of your kitchen to the other.

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Standard Towel Sizes

Standard Towel Sizes

standard towel sizes

Looking to buy cotton towels? See our #1 recommendation HERE.

Bath Towel : 27″ x 52″

This is the all-purpose, everyday out-of-the-shower (or bath) must-have for every home. If there are any standard towel sizes that matter this is the one. The 27″ x 52″ bath towel is perfect for every day use and is just right for standard (non-commercial) washers and dryers.

Hand Towel : 16″ x 30″

Simply the go-to towel after washing hands. Fancy versions of these are typically found in the guest bathroom while the more everyday variety are right for the Master Bathroom and kids bathrooms for drying hands and faces daily.

Washcloth : 13″ x 13:

Whether in the shower or bath or for a quick freshen-up you can’t beat a nice cotton wash cloth. While oversized washcloths have become somewhat of a rage as of late, you simply can’t miss with a good old square washcloth.

Beach Towel : 30″ x 60″:

Because a beach towel is designed both for drying off and “laying out” it is typically larger in size than a standard bath towel. Note that beach towels are also likely to be made of thinner micro-fiber material that is still good for soaking up water but less likely to trap sand, dirt and other outdoor grime.

Looking to buy cotton towels? See our #1 recommendation HERE.

Don’t get hung up on the standard towel sizes…

Many of today’s luxurious spa towels are oversized, and for a great reason – more cotton towel “Ahhh”. These are a bit less ideal for home use because they fill up the washer quickly and take extra time and energy to dry. However, if you’ve got the space and extra dry time they may well be worth the extra fuss.

As a final note, if you’re purchasing cotton towels as a gift you can’t go wrong with the standard towel sizes listed here.

In particular, cotton towels make a great wedding gift. However, where bath towels, washcloths and hand towels are concerned it would be common for the bride and groom to register for specific brands, colors and patterns so that they ultimately end up with a cohesive, matching set. Where for a wedding gift, Christmas or a birthday you’re best be when buying towels as a gift is to purchase either guest bath towels or beach towels.

And remember, whatever you buy, stick to the standard towel sizes chart above and you should be in good shape!

Looking to buy cotton towels? See our #1 recommendation HERE.