Standard Towel Sizes

Standard Towel Sizes
standard towel sizes

Bath Towel: 27″ x 52″

This is the all-purpose, everyday out-of-the-shower (or bath) must-have for every home. If there are any standard towel sizes that matter this is the one. The 27″ x 52″ bath towel is perfect for every day use and is just right for standard (non-commercial) washers and dryers.

27″ x 52″ Bath Towel Recommendation

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Hand Towel: 16″ x 30″

Simply the go-to towel after washing hands. Fancy versions of these are typically found in the guest bathroom while the more everyday variety are right for the Master Bathroom and kids bathrooms for drying hands and faces daily.

16″ x 30″ Hand Towel Recommendation

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Wash Cloth: 13″ x 13″

Whether in the shower or bath or for a quick freshen-up you can’t beat a nice cotton wash cloth. While oversized washcloths have become somewhat of a rage as of late, you simply can’t miss with a good old square washcloth.

13″ x 13″ Wash Cloth Recommendation

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Beach Towel: 30″ x 60″

Because a beach towel is designed both for drying off and “laying out” it is typically larger in size than a standard bath towel. Note that beach towels are also likely to be made of thinner micro-fiber material that is still good for soaking up water but less likely to trap sand, dirt and other outdoor grime.

30″ x 60″ Beach Towel Recommendation

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Don’t get hung up on the standard towel sizes…

Many of today’s luxurious spa towels are oversized, and for a great reason – more cotton towel “Ahhh”. These are a bit less ideal for home use because they fill up the washer quickly and take extra time and energy to dry. However, if you’ve got the space and extra dry time they may well be worth the extra fuss.

As a final note, if you’re purchasing cotton towels as a gift you can’t go wrong with the standard towel sizes listed here. In particular, cotton towels make a great wedding gift. However, where bath towels, washcloths and hand towels are concerned it would be common for the bride and groom to register for specific brands, colors and patterns so that they ultimately end up with a cohesive, matching set. Where for a wedding gift, Christmas or a birthday you’re best be when buying towels as a gift is to purchase either guest bath towels or beach towels.

And remember, whatever you buy, stick to the standard towel sizes chart above and you should be in good shape!


What is a standard bath towel size?

27 x 52 inches

What is a standard hand towel size?

16 x 30 inches

What is a standard wash cloth size?

13 x 13 inches

What is a standard beach towel size?

30 x 60 inches

2 responses to “Standard Towel Sizes”

  1. Sophia Acle Avatar
    Sophia Acle

    Question: I have one towel, which I use to dry my hair, that is smaller than a standard bath towel and much larger than a hand towel: 24 inch x 40 inch. I can’t seem to find this size online. What gives?

    1. Cotton Towels Avatar
      Cotton Towels

      Great question! There is a unique subcategory of towels typically referred to specifically as “hair towels”. They are usually microfiber with the goal of drying your hair quickly but leaving it somewhat damp for final blow drying (if you blow dry) and styling. Generally speaking they are in the 20 inch x 40 inch size range, and that sounds about like what you have. Here is a great option with very good reviews we would recommend on Amazon:

      Hope this helps… Team Cotton Towels

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