Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Egyptian cotton bath towels are considered among the most luxurious in the world. We’re going to help you learn why while providing some product recommendations that cant miss!

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels – Summary


Luxury Hotels & Spas


The very best in the world. You simply cannot beat Egyptian cotton!


There is no more highly absorbent cotton on the planet than Egyptian.


While generally more expensive than other towel types, you get what you pay for.


The Cadillac of cotton towels!


Strong absorption has a trade off… LONG drying times.


No complaints as Egyptian cotton is TOUGH.

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels


  • Spa-like feel
  • Stay plush and extra soft
  • Long lasting
  • Strong absorption


  • Strong absorption leads to long drying times
  • Tend to smell musty and mildewy over time
  • Not ideal for everyday use

Overall Rating:

Product Recommendations – Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Best of the Best


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Best Value


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Egyptian cotton bath towels are characterized by extra-long and dense fibers which make what many consider to be the best cotton towels in the world. When Egyptian cotton is used to produce a bath towel the result is an incredible and long lasting dense and plush feel with very high absorption rates. 

When compared to other cotton towel types, Egyptian cotton bath towels are at the top of the list for luxury and providing a spa-like experience. However, the high absorption rates lead to these towels retaining more water and holding onto that water more tightly which can result in long drying times and, in some cases, a musty and mildewy odor with repeated use. 

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

  • Cotton Origin
    • Giza Egypt is the home of Egyptian cotton, considered by many to be the best cotton in the world
  • Cotton Characteristics
    • Extra-long and dense fiber makes many consider Egyptian cotton to be the highest quality available 
  • Towel Construction
    • Extra-long and dense fibers produce towels that are smooth, strong, and long lasting
  • Absorption
    • Very high – most absorbent towels on the planet
  • Drying Time
    • Slow due to high absorption rates of Egyptian cotton
  • Durability
    • Very durable towels that get better with age and use

vs The Competiton

vs. Turkish

  • Similar extra long fibers
  • More luxurious feel
  • Higher absorption
  • Dry slower because they absorb so much

vs. Pima / Supima

  • Because Pima / Supima cotton is made from Egyptian cotton plants grown in the United States the comparison between Pima / Supima cotton and Egyptian cotton is simple – they’re roughly the same. That said, cotton purists would argue that due to the climate variations between the cotton growing regions in Egypt and the United States, Egypt still produces the highest quality cotton in the world.

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