Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

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Turkish Cotton Bath Towels - Summary


Everyday Home Bathing


Among the best in the world!


While other towels are more absorbent, Turkish cotton towels may absorb just the right amount.


Lots of high-quality Turkish towels are available at reasonable prices from a variety of manufacturers.


Not quite spa or high-end hotel level.


Medium levels of absorption means reasonably short drying time.


Considering these are everyday towels they are remarkably durable.

Turkish Cotton Bath Towels


  • Easy maintenance
  • Short drying time
  • Long lasting
  • Ideal for everyday use


  • Less dense and luxurious than alternatives
  • Less absorbent than alternatives  

Overall Rating:

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Turkish towels are characterized by long fibers which means fewer joins throughout the towel and, therefore, a stronger, smoother drying surface. When Turkish cotton is used to produce a bath towel the result is ideal absorption - enough to dry the skin very satisfactorily without clinging on to the absorbed water so tightly that the towel becomes very difficult to dry and winds up smelling musty and mildewy with repeated use and washings. 

When compared to other cotton towel types, Turkish towels stand out as being hard to beat for regular home use due to ideal absorption rates, durability, reasonably fast drying times, and soft feel. If there is any shortcoming of Turkish cotton bath towels it would simply have to be that Egyptian and Pima cotton can produce towels that are considered more luxurious and, therefore, are more what you are accustomed to when visiting luxury hotels and spas.

Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

  • Cotton Origin
    • Aegean Region of Turkey
  • Cotton Characteristics
    • Long fiber 
  • Towel Construction
    • Long fibers creating fewer joins and, therefore, stronger and smoother long-lasting towels
  • Absorption
    • Nearly perfect, absorbing enough water to dry skin without holding the water so tightly that towels become heavy and musty and take forever to dry
  • Drying Time
    • Quick
  • Durability
    • Long lasting, getting softer and more absorbent with age 

vs The Competiton

vs. Egyptian

  • Similar long fibers but not as long as Egyptian therefore not as absorbent
  • Dry faster than Egyptian because of flat weave

vs. Pima / Supima

  • Because Pima / Supima cotton is made from Egyptian cotton plants grown in the United States the comparison between Pima / Supima cotton and Turkish cotton is roughly the same as the comparison between Egyptian and Turkish cotton

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