Organic Bath Towels

Organic Bath Towels

Organic bath towels are new in trend, but old in construction. These towels bring together the best of cotton and manufacturing to create high quality towels with low eco-impact.

Organic Bath Towels – Summary


Everyday use + Earth support


Made of Turkish, Egyptian, or Pima cotton.


Varies depending on cotton type, but generally quite good.


You’ll always pay a little more due to sustainable farming of the cotton.


With great cotton types available, you won’t be disappointed.


Generally on the longer side depending on the cotton chosen.


Strong and long-lasting.

Organic Bath Towels


  • Earth-friendly
  • Available in Turkish, Egyptian, and Pima / Supima cotton varieties


  • More expensive
  • Need to look for ‘Certified Organic’ stamp to verify authenticity

Overall Rating:

Product Recommendations – Organic Bath Towels

Best of the Best

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Best Value

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Organic towels are 100% Egyptian, Turkish, or Pima cotton in make-up but come from suppliers who use only natural fertilizers, avoid pesticides, and practice sustainable farming.

When you purchase an organic towel you’re not so much purchasing a specific type of towel as you are purchasing a philosophy of farming and manufacturing – something you’ll likely pay a bit more for. When purchasing, be sure to look for the ‘Certified Organic’ label on your favorite Egyptian, Turkish, or Pima cotton to guarantee organic authenticity.


  • Cotton Origin
    • Egypt, Turkey, and the United States
  • Cotton Characteristics
    • The cotton characteristics line up with their country of origin. 
  • Towel Construction
    • Made unique by the earth-friendly growing methods that avoid pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
  • Absorption
    • High
  • Drying Time
    • Generally on the longer side, but worth the wait
  • Durability
    • Strong and long-lasting

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