Best Baby Bath Towels

Best Baby Bath Towels

Picking the best baby bath towels

You want only the very best for you baby, and that includes the best baby bath towels. Wrapping an infant in a fresh towel after a warm bath and holding them close is one of life’s most beautiful moments. We want to make sure nothing distracts from that beauty by helping you select only the best baby bath towels available. Let’s get started…

How to pick the best baby bath towels

Step 1: Select a material

When it comes to towels, the most crucial decision is selecting the towel material. With 3 specific types of cotton available (Egyptian, Turkish, and Pima / Supima), plus Organic varieties of each, plus microfiber towels on the rise, there’s a lot to know.

Here’s a brief summary of each with links to learn a TON more:

The 5 Towel Materials & How to Choose



Dry Time


Learn More

Turkish Cotton



Egyptian Cotton



Pima Cotton






Organic Cotton



Step 2: Select a style

While babies may may not have much of a style preference when it comes to the towels they use, photos of babies in towels are just about the cutest thing on the planet, agreed? Since we’re on the same page with that, our encouragement is to think of selecting baby towels that will go well with your surroundings and look amazing in your pics (and on your Instagram!). And don’t forget to look at some hooded options that turn you little pumpkin into a little dinosaur, ladybug, or turtle!

Step 3: Pick your perfect towel

You’re almost there! You’ve picked the best material. You’ve narrowed down the style. Now what? Go shopping!

We’d like to recommend the following bestsellers on Amazon as a great place to start:

[amazon bestseller=”baby bath towels” template=”list” filterby=”price” filter=”offer”]

Want to learn more?

Interested in becoming a bath towel aficionado? We’ve got you covered with dozens of bath towels articles here.

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